Beatles Week and Convention 1997
The Convention and festival is held every August in Liverpool. It is run by Cavern City Tours and is great-A must for all Beatle fans!

It was the first Liverpool Beatles festival I had been to and I would love to go again. I arrived on the Sunday (24th) at midday. The journey didn’t take long, but it rained all the way! (Typical British weather!) I stayed at The Adelphi Hotel, so I left my bags there and went off to the Mathew Street festival.
All the bands were great! They performed in the Cavern car park, which was a perfect place for a concert. It kicked off with a band from Brazil called Sgt Pepper. They were brilliant!! My dad liked them because they played some of the more complicated album tracks. They finished their performance with ‘The End’. It was beautiful. The guitarist was excellent. The next band was ‘The Parrots’ from Japan and then ‘Banned On The Run’. They were a great McCartney band!!

Later that evening I went to see ‘The Bootleg Beatles’ in concert at the Liverpool Empire. They were great! I thought their best songs were’ A Day In The Life’, ‘Penny Lane’, I Am The Walrus’ and ‘Hey Jude’
The next day was the Convention. Because I was a resident at the Adelphi I went around the Beatles flea market a few minutes earlier than some of the others. There were lots of things there, but most of it was TOO expensive. I did buy a Daily Mirror from 9th December 1980. In other rooms there were interviews, bands and videos. There was even an unplugged bar where you could get up and sing, and before you ask.. no I didn’t. There were so many people there, you couldn’t see or get to anything. I decided to go out of the convention area and go to the hotel reception area.

I went back into the interview room to listen to and see Alan Williams, Bob Wooler and Beryl Adams (Brian Epstein’s secretary). I managed to get their autographs too! I went back to my room for a while because everywhere was so crowded. I came back down at half past four because Pete Shotten was going to be interviewed, but I missed it because the room was full and was so hot.

I went back into the flea market for a while and guess who I saw.. Charlie Lennon, John’s Uncle! I got his autograph, but he had to go because he was going to be on Merseyside radio. I really enjoyed the day!!
On Tuesday I was going home, but before I did, I went to the Beatles Story museum and I went on the Magical Mystery Tour! I loved seeing their homes and schools, especially Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane. The three days were brilliant!