Hello and yes... This is The Hanmade Website and the first message in a couple of years! I have been very bad and slack at updates... But considering I started this website in 1999, a couple of years off isn’t too bad, I suppose!

One of the things that has made me kick start the site again is The Mavericks... I have just been to two fantastic shows by the band and I set myself a task to see if I could still write reviews. I have written reviews for this site and for the website at work... But not for a long time! I shared it on social media, but then thought... Come on, redesign Hanmade and bring it back! So, there’s no redesign just yet, but the review is live! A few people have also asked if they can buy the domain name and I’ve always said no... Because I don’t want to let it go... But I’ve always said I plan on redesigning the site, so that’s another reason! (and because I’ve been asked to help a friend design their site and I need the practise!)

So, hopefully there will be more updates to come...

Until then, you can find the review of The Mavericks concerts in Birmingham and Bristol in the Reviews section of the website... And hopefully soon, this very out of date website will come back to life!